Bonjour 2016!

IMG_8115Here it is, 2016! Probably slightly belated as we have been in it for 24 days, but I still can’t get my head around how ‘futuristic’ it sounds. I also realise every year I’m starting to sound more like my Mother saying those sort of things.

It has been a whole month since my last entry and life has been relatively quiet in terms of large scale events/meetings/happenings since then, so I thought I would do a short update on Christmas, holidays, the month so far and plans for the year.

Christmas, as always, was lovely – plenty of time spent with family, friends and loved ones. I’m an extremely festive loving, snowman hugging sort of person, so with the season being my favourite time of year I will always talk about how wonderful it is. The break was also much needed, having burnt myself out from the craziness of last term it was rather nice to sit back and relax on the sofa doing little other than eating lots of stollen and drinking plenty of port. It was also my beautiful sister’s birthday, so plenty of celebrations for that too. Not forgetting either, alongside the rest of the world, I went to see the new Star Wars movie a few times…. Ok, three times… and counting; and to echo the masses I thought it was FANTASTIC! It just gets better each time I watch it, whilst experiencing every emotion a human can experience in the space of two hours. If anyone still hasn’t watched it – GO! You will love it, no matter if you are a Star Wars fan or not.

On the first day of the New Year, I went off to the French Alps (Les Arcs to be precise) to have a week of skiing with the Imperial College Snowsports Club. We arrived with a huge snowstorm, which meant plenty of glorious powder for the first few days of skiing. The weather was beautiful for the first half of the week, but unfortunately as temperatures went up, the rain came down, which brought the skiing to a rather abrupt end. We still had a fantastically fun time, even making it over to La Plagne for a day; so we managed to cover a huge part of the Paradiski area in just 4 days – not bad! Of course, the holiday also consisted of plenty of aprés, mulled cider, mountain sunrises and sunsets, endless amounts of cheese and baguettes as well as a party in an igloo.
All in all – a superb week with fantastic company. I am already looking forward to the next mountain adventure!

Since skiing, the Spring Term has got off to a busy start, with plenty of exciting things to look forward to in the next few months. I also have an ever growing to-do list, as I have lots I want to achieve both in and outside of work.

I recently went through all my Presidential objectives I set out at the beginning of my term as President of Imperial College Union, back in August. I’m super happy that most of my objectives are either completed or on track to be completed by the end of July – hard work definitely does pay off. If you would like to read all about my achievements and work in progress so far, you can do so by having a read of my President’s blog post on the the Union website:

So, that brings us up to now! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 will bring, especially with another summer to look forward to in the shape of the Olympics (honestly, how did that come around so quickly?!) as well as plenty of travels, elephant conservation efforts and *hopefully* a new job. Watch this space 🙂

– Lucinda


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